Noticing Good From Bad Web Design

When we think about grand and bland website design, we mostly focus on the “feel” and “look” of the website. This can include fonts, layout, structure, colours and images. Though these things are important, good website design requires more than that. What separates the prolific from the wanting is the website’s design, functionality and user experience. As the world has changed and the internet has evolved, your website needs to have a sound strategy and be designed for conversion. Here are some ways to spot a good and bad website.

Is it targeted?

Good sites guide the visitor down the planned course and lead them to the most important content. This can be achieved by using meaningful icons and headings. These allow the user to identify why they visited the website. Bad sites focus primarily on promoting the company’s features and benefits instead of focusing on the user experience. Throwing a lot of information to the client without knowing what they need, can devastate them and make them dig deeper to find what they are looking for. Experts recommend proving information that is relevant to the user. Using smart content enables you to present your messages and target individual personas.

Is it easy to use?

Without a doubt, good websites are fun and engaging and guide you through the content and pages. Links, buttons and other features are labelled appropriately and well defined. The data is well organised, and the pages are logically structured. Bad sites are the opposite. They have no logical structure, are poorly designed and confuse the user. Links and pages are not labelled properly. Experts suggest testing your site from a user perspective. If the site looks dull and puzzling, ask a web designer to do the necessary changes.

Is it responsive?

Whether you are using a smartphone, tablet or pc to browse, a good website responds nicely and presents the information clearly. Bad sites are often too big for phones. They require you to scroll up and down, left and right, to see the whole page. Plus, they have overlapping elements and provide an awful user experience. However, note that a responsive site is not a mobile site. A responsive site is a website you see on your desktop. Mobile sites are separate websites that are designed for mobile devices. If you are designing from scratch, web developers recommend creating responsive layouts and beautiful designs and structuring the content accordingly. This ensures that the page responds properly in all browsers.

Is it up-to-date?

Good sites are “beings” that are constantly growing and changing. Backed by analytical data, they plan how to better engage and educate the user. Through thoughtful expansion, constant updating and A/B testing, you can keep a website up-to-date with user behaviour and industry changes. Bad sites are often out of date. From having old information to expired copyrights, these websites take a “set-it-and-forget-it” approach. Their owners don’t know the importance of maintaining and updating a site on an ongoing basis. Constantly revisit your website and its strategy. Using analytics, evaluate what is or isn’t working. Make necessary amends.

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How can a web designer find inspirations?

Inspiration for design comes from all that surrounds us.

Being a web designer calls for you to be creative in order to come up with unique designs for clients. Creativity may sometimes become challenging thus the need to find inspiration. Here’s how a web designer can find inspiration.

Follow the right people

Have a list of top designers such as jemcologics – Grand Rapids that you look up to. It is especially important to follow people that give reports about the design industry. The information may help trigger a new way of thinking. Moreover, it helps you to keep up to date with the happenings that will help you with clients and projects.

Get more ideas

Find insights on new designs by broadening your knowledge base. Get more ideas from websites, blogs and even movies. The trick is to look for the ideas away from what you are used to. Try and read a different blog, watch a different movie from what you are used to.

What’s more, do something that you don’t like to put yourself out of your comfort zone. Doing this triggers the mind and you are able to come up with a fresh idea on how to create a design. The key is to get out of the comfort zone and be inspired by more ideas.

Use Gallery websites

The use of online galleries is the most common way that many designers use to find inspiration. Gallery websites are online websites that have many designs from skilled designers. They keep a record of amazing collections and give awards to the best designs.

These websites are not only a source of inspiration but are also a way to meet other designers. Some of the leading gallery websites Awwwards, Site Inspire, The Best Design, CSS Winner and Pinterest.

The only downside of using gallery websites is web design homogeneity. This is where many of the designers get inspiration from similar sources and therefore tend to create designs that look alike.

Designers are therefore encouraged to use what they get from the gallery websites to think outside the box and come up with unique projects and not copy the designs.

Join designer-focused communities

Social communities that discuss and showcase website design provide get inspiration. There are many available but among the best designer-centric communities is Dribble. Creating an account is pretty straightforward.

Here, designers share details of what they are working on. However, they don’t disclose full details but a glimpse of the design. This helps to inspire other designers to work and create other projects.

Another great community is Behance. It is a bit different from Dribble since users share their portfolio and get feedback from other designers. You can use the portfolios to get ideas on how to improve or get new design ideas.

Learn from websites you don’t like

The final way that you can get inspiration is using what you don’t like. Looking what you don’t like will help you get ideas on how to create a masterpiece. Use websites from Google, click around and identify some that require improvement. Take notes on the layout, pages, buttons and other features.

Doing Effective Online Marketing For Your Small Business

The internet is a really powerful tool especially when it’s used for marketing small businesses because of the fact that it allows you to reach out to a much wider audience within a short period of time. In addition to that, more and more people are now switching onto the internet from watching TV shows or listening to the radio.

There are different ways to market a small business online including social media marketing, PPC or Pay Per Click, Google Ads, video marketing, press releases, blogging, and many others. If you want your online marketing to be really effective and bring you the results you need to grow your small business by allowing you to bring in more customers, you need to carefully plan and execute it.

One of the most important things you need to take into consideration would be web design and on-page SEO. You need to see to it that your web pages are set up in such a way that it’s going to be faster and easier for Google to index and rank them. Through this, you’ll easily bump yourself up the Google search results and get more traffic.

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Marketing Cleaning Products like Tork Online

Purchase High Quality Tork Cleaning Products Online

The demand for cleaning products encouraged more companies to offer different choices for consumers. Today, you will find products that will make your cleaning tasks easier and less time consuming. Thanks for these premium quality cleaning items from Tork.

Tork products are now widely recognized as a leader in producing and manufacturing state-of-the-art products in the industry of workplace hygiene. This is because of the high quality marketing campaign that they did over the years.  The best napkin dispensers and paper towels that you see usually have the Tork’s trademark. This means that the company has established a good track record that reaches out to global customers.

Buying any cleaning tool or product requires proper consideration of the quality, materials used or components present, and price. In fact, it can also be

Service Commitment

Tork completely understands the demands and challenges in the daily professional encounter. Busy people tend to fail accomplishing their cleaning tasks because they often prioritize their business presentations, meetings with clients, and more. This is the main reason behind the rise of Tork. It will completely take away all the hassle in managing the business workplace hygiene in an easy and less compromising way.

The team begins with understanding the nature of the business of their clients. Then, they simply recommend the most suitable products or items to keep them away from stress. Using Tork solutions provide a great professional impression in all workplace environments. This means that Tork cleaning products is strongly committed to providing sustainable solutions for any company.

Its dedication and commitment to meet the needs of the customers do not compromise the care for environment. Every product introduced by Tork is nature-friendly. Thus, you enjoy the benefit of saving money, time and energy. As a result, you have more time to concentrate on managing and prioritizing your business.

Why Choose Cleaning Products From Tork?

The team believes that sustainability will be successfully achieved if it adds great value to the business. This company is focused on understanding what the customers exactly need and seek for when it comes to cleaning services and products.

The Tork team does not only consider environmental sustainability. It also strives to achieve the same thing in the society and mankind. It goes beyond reduction, efficiency, and compliance to provide only the valuable aspect and that is to enhance your business.


To guarantee that all cleaning products reach the standard quality, they undergo testing with the end-users and customers. Tork works with other partners like professionals and researchers. Products are checked with top standards in sustainability through collaborating with third-party eco-labelling institutions.  Since it is a leading brand globally, it proudly offers products that are safe and eco-friendly.

Hygienic Products

Tork makes the selection of products for the customers more engaging. This company strives to make every work place or business clean and hygienic without compromising the prices of the products. From these paper towels to catering supplies, you have everything you need. It is the perfect time to make a change in your cleaning routine. With your busy schedule, you deserve peace of mind when it comes to your choice of the highest quality cleaning products.

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How to make money with PPC VS SEO

This article is about Pay per click marketing, sale and how it works for online or offline companies. It talks about the pros and cons of pay per click marketing, including how you can use it to make money for your business. This article discusses how to make sure that your company’s link is the first one seen when someone uses a search engine to look up a topic or product on the internet. It also talks about PPC ads, and how they work. As well, it tells what to expect when utilizing a PPC marketing campaign.

Planning a marketing campaign for a business can be tricky at best in any situation, but especially when you are marketing a business on the web. Pay per click marketing can be a useful tool for an online company, or even an offline business that just wants to advertise on the internet.


PPC Marketing works the best with search engines. When someone types a keyword and clicks on search, a list of options shows up for them to click. So, how does that work? Who decides which website comes first on the list of search results, and why does this list sometimes appear in a different order every day?

The answers are simple. If you want your website to be the first on the search engine’s list, you have to be the highest bidder. Bidding costs vary, but they are usually within the range of $0.05 – $0.20 per keyword or key phrase. This is why sometimes the first few search engine results move up and down – one person or company outbid the others that day (or sometimes that hour!).

PPC marketing is great for businesses because it is fast and it is predictable. So what can this do for you? Well, if your website shows up on top of the search results then there is a high probability of most users clicking your URL. Since the traffic is extremely targeted and based on relevant keywords, you’re going to get sales, leads and an unlimited source of potential buyers.


Once you have signed up with a PPC marketing campaign, you should see results within a day or two. When comparing pay per click marketing with SEO, PPC comes out way ahead, because with SEO, you usually have to wait 6 months or more before you see any results. When you go with PPC, the results come through fast and thick. So you can start banking hard from day one!

This type of marketing is also good because it is predictable. It works the same for everyone – you bid the highest, and set the amount you want to pay, and people are guaranteed to click on your links. You can also put ads on different websites, where people can click. Here, you pay every time someone clicks, but you also have the ability to peruse the websites first, and only put ads on relevant pages, where there is more of a chance that your ads will be clicked on by genuinely interested people. And genuinely interested people usually equal: customers.
PPC marketing can be a good asset to you and your company. As long as you do your research and make sure that you optimize your landing pages for maximum conversions, you will be laughing all the way to the bank! Now there is definitely strong competition with PPC as well. Your competitors will copy your campaigns, they will try to outbid you and grab a piece of the pie. The solution to this is to continuously tweak and find more profitable keywords to target. Finally, you should not rely on a single traffic source to generate revenue for your business. Indulge in SEO, Social Media, PPC and other forms of advertising and continuously innovate; this will give you an edge and you will always stay ahead of your competitors.


About the author:

Karen Praine is a French blogger and search engines specialist at Keen seo agency Malta. She has been working for Keen LTD for the past 5 years. She is also an SEO executive at Curmi Marketing SEO MALTA. And while she enjoys her job, Karen feels fulfilled when she actually helps people succeed in their business ventures.

8 questions to ask before hiring a web designer

There’s so many so called web designers who do not know what they are doing, neither do they have any work ethic.

And for this reason, and due to very bad experiences I had in the past, I will share the 8 questions you need to ask a web designer in order to save a lot of time and swearing down the road

For a person or a company who want to get attention for their business throughout the internet, they need to let the others know that they exist.

This can be achieved by doing a press release and create a website that is compelling and user-friendly.

But today, not everyone has the knowledge or the time to create an effective website.

And in these cases, guidance from a professional is the ideal solution. In case you decide to seek out for a professional web designer, these are the questions that you may want to ask before hiring them:

1. Experience

How many years of experience does the web designer have?

This will give you a rough idea of ??knowledge he or she has of the current advances in fields such as PHP, Flash, tables of designs and styles, Web 2.0, etc.

2. Samples of his RECENT previous works

What are the sites that the company or that individual has created? Ask them to show you demos, or even better; you get the URL sites that have created so that you can take a look and see how confident you feel about their previous work.

Look at the designs that have a similar to what you have in mind for your site style. Or better yet, ask if the designer has done some work in your particular industry.

Image result for web designer

3. Reference sectors

What kind of industries have you been involved? Who are your customers?

With this information, you will be able to judge your ability to understand your industry and create a site that fits your needs.

4. After-sales service

What is the type of service they offer to their customers once the site is online?

Do they help in updating the site or any changes need to be made such as the acquisition of more web space, add new pages to the site, etc.?

A company or a web design guy with a good reputation will be able to serve his customers at any given day.

5. Visibility in search engines

Do they have a service SEO or organic positioning to ensure that your site is indexed quickly in search engines or put some scatter for your marketing campaign?

Remember, having a beautiful website is fine, but you need people to visit. Ask the designers if this is something they have practical experience.

I do suggest that you seek a different company for search engine optimization that a web design company because most of the time, web design companies have no clue how to properly rank a site.

6. Copyright and security issues

Are they going to ensure that data and images used on the site are protected by copyright so that others can not copy? What about the security settings that were used as traffic monitored?

Also, try to make sure you have the details of where they have acquired licenses images and photographs. This can save you problems in the future.

7. Duration

How much time is required to design and put online site? This will give you a good perspective of whether they are effective or not.

A good web designer should not take more than a month, but this also depends on the time spent on each client.

9. Links and Animation

Do you also help the insertion of links to other sites and uploading videos or flash animation?

8. Fees and Rates

When the site is completed and uploaded to the server, you have to pay a  domain name, which is an annual payment and hosting service, which can be monthly, quarterly or annual payment. I suggest you take this payment always UPFRONT

You must take this into account, because you have to deal with these payments even if your site is not finished, so it is important to be clear how long it will delay construction site.